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A few months ago I opened up my own tags group. It is named "Priscilla's Tags". A couple of months after opening my first group, I started tagging for other groups. Eventually I opened up more tag groups, "Priscilla's Always Tags", "Tags Anonymous", "Priscilla's Previous Tags" and "Miss Pris Tag Games".
Some of my tags are made from tutorials. Most of my tags are made from tubes I've found throughout the internet. Some of my tubes are made from scratch and I'm very proud of those creations.
If you're interested in joining either of my groups, you can find a link below. There will also be some samples of my tags below the links.

~Priscilla's Tags is a family safe tag's group. I am the only tagger, and will always be the only tagger, for this group. I absolutely will not send adult content through my group. In this group, tags must be requested.
~Priscilla's Always Tags is my always list. All tags made are family safe. On this list you do not request, I automatically make the tags for you.
~Tags Anonymous is a family safe list where I am the owner of the group, but I have several taggers in the group with me. Tags in this group must be requested.
~Priscilla's Previous Tags is a group where I offer to members tags that have previously been offered in either my group or other groups I tag for. These tags are also family safe.
~Miss Pris Tag Games is a group where if you want the tag you have to play to get it. Tag games are a lot of fun!! These tags are also family safe.
~I also have one other tag's group. It is called "Is Your Name Priscilla?" This tags group is only for people named Priscilla. It doesn't matter how you spell it: Priscila, Prisilla, Pricilla, Prisila, Pricila, or even Pris or Prissy. Anyone with the name of Priscilla can join. We share family safe tags with our name on them. Usually I just post a few tags I have made, or post a link to where they can be picked up.

Below are some samples of my tags:

If you find yourself interested in any of my tags groups, please feel free to join. I'll put the links below.

Priscilla's Tags

Click here to join priscillas_tags
Click to join priscillas_tags

Priscilla's Always Tags

Click here to join PriscillasAlwaysTags
Click to join PriscillasAlwaysTags

Tags Anonymous

Click here to join TagsAnonymous
Click to join TagsAnonymous

Priscilla's Previous Tags

Click here to join priscillas_previous_tags
Click to join priscillas_previous_tags

Miss Pris Tag Games

Click here to join misspris_tag-games
Click to join misspris_tag-games

Is Your Name Priscilla?

Click here to join isyourname_Priscilla
Click to join isyourname_Priscilla

I look forward to seeing you!!!

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